In today's modern world it is no longer frowned upon when someone tells you that they met their partner online, it was only a matter of time before that evolved one step further into no strings attached fuck dates. Yes it sounds a bit of a blunt term to use but why beat about the bush. Both adult men and women need sex, it helps us to function. Don't try and analyze what sort of person uses an online service to find a fuck date because the sort or person that does is in fact YOU.

Normal people who haven't the time or energy for a long term loving relationship and even married women and men who need EXTRA are joining fuck buddy dating sites for convenience, ease and privacy. We are the perfect platform to vet the serious from the time wasters, the married from the single and through the easy to use drop down menus we can narrow your search down to a specific location and age group.


Our Members - Are the most important people in the world to us, without them we wouldn't have a site to run. We always listen to suggestions, we are always looking for ways to improve our site and we always value your opinions, here are just a few we would like to share with you..

Hi I am married aged 42 and my husband has a very low sex drive, in fact he hasn't been able to sustain an erection for over a year. I found Fuck Buddy Dating a few months ago and so far I have met several very nice men. They all know I am married and to be honest I think it added to the thrill of things. I know it makes me sound like a right bitch, I do love my husband and I want to stay with him but I can't bare the thought of never having sex again, Fuck Buddy Dating allows me to fulfill my sexual needs and being able to have a small group of varied guys means the added safety that there will be no falling in love.

I am a single guy and I haven't had a serious relationship for longer than I care to remember. I run my own business and often find myself working 80 hours a week which leaves me little to no time for a "proper" relationship. When I do meet someone they need too much from me and cannot understand why I need to work lengthy hours. Fuck Buddy Dating is perfect for me, if I am tired I go home to bed, if I am horny and in the mood for some loving I can literally find myself a fuck buddy in 5 minutes. It took me a couple of weeks to find the first person, (maybe I was being too fussy) but now after 3-4 months I have regular fuck buddies I can meet and choose between when I need to and on my terms.

I am married and my husband works away from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, due to his long hours we only manage to have sex once a week which isn't enough, I am 29 years of age. Yes some would say I am a selfish bitch fucking around while my husband works away but I have seen signs that he probably isn't remaining faithful anyway. I work night shifts so having a list of fuck buddy mates that I can contact and meet for sex during the day is pure magical.

I love my wife and I am her only ever sexual partner, there are lots of things she won't do in the bedroom and there are things that she doesn't like, for example she doesn't enjoy receiving oral sex or giving it. Having a fuck buddy means I can feed my sexual desires while going back to my wife without feeling frustrated and having some serious decisions to make.

I am 27 my husband is 68 neither of us are under any illusions as to why we are with each other, he spoils me and I am the eye candy that he likes to be seen with. My husband actively encourages me to meet younger guys of my own age, as long as i do not bring problems home to him and I am there when he needs me he is quite happy for me to have extra marital affairs.

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